Monday, December 29, 2008

Mimosa's Anyone?

Pantone has announced it's color of the year for 2009 and it's Mimosa! The images below should help you interject the color in your decor...if you choose.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Once you go black...

Do you ever go back; to another wall color, of course. I've gathered several images from the web, and the rooms below belong to some very bold individuals who decided to slip their decor into something more comfortable yet stylish and very out of the ordinary. It's been said that painting walls in a dark hue makes a room feel like a cocoon, enveloping you in comfort, I think black could be my comfort zone. I guess I can say I wouldn't be quick to go back to anything else.

Give your design a boost...with caffeine

Who knew all the great things you could do with leftover coffee and tea!? I was watching television the other day and I heard someone say a good way to stain light wood (such as pine) is with leftover black coffee! Not only is it a great way to re-purpose java but it's also all natural so that means it's great for the environment, I've heard it's best to use as stain when the coffee is a little cold. Of course that sent me on a search, so here are some other uses...

1. Use coffee or tea to dye and stain fabrics, shabby-chic design (as shown below) is a great example of a setting in which the method would work well with the color pallette.

2. Use coffee or tea to dye and stain paper or canvas to create art and accessories. I think it would be a great look if you were take varying sized strips of paper and dye them in different shades with coffe and tea, arrange them in a large white frame and hang it. I also thought the portrait below was interesting.

Now if you really want to go all out, check out Filipino artisit Sunshine Plata, all of her works are created with coffee.

3. Finally don't forget all the great ways to display and store coffee beans. Fill an apothecary jar with coffee beans and leave it on the kitchen counter as storage and decoration, or fill the empty space between your candle and glass candle holder with coffee beans; you could also use the beans as a filler when doing a floral arrangment for a really unique look.

4. Don't forget to use that old, cold coffee as stain for light wood tones!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tree...Oh...Christmas Tree?? :-/

Wanna think outside the box for Christmas? Well these non-traditional Christmas trees will help you do just that. Check out my picks for trees that are not so norm during this holiday season.

This stylish Black Christmas tree is my favorite trend of the season...tres chic!

This wall decal of a contemporary Christmas tree is thought to be great for people with small spaces who are big on style unfortunately this sticker is no longer available. However Etsy is a great place to find neat holiday decor so you're bound to find something similiar you might like.

Why put the gifts under the tree when you can stuff them in the tree? Talk about patriotic...for this I have NO words

Although I posted about this upside down tree last holiday season, I think it deserved an encore.

No Need to Shop Around

It's the holiday season which means plenty of shopping! With all the gifts and decoration to buy you don't want to have to search for a deal on search no more. Regency Shop has a lot of the modern classic pieces of furniture that we LOVE at hue, and they have great prices! Treat yourself to that egg chair or an ibiza leather bench for deserve it! Happy Shopping!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get Green in every Color

Going green is becoming more and more popular, not to mention necessary. With the current state of the environment we should all do our part to help, so why not start with one of the easiest, most stylish, budget friendly ways to change a room...paint! Eco-friendly paints are now more readily available and they come in just as many great colors as any other paint choices. When looking for an eco-friendly paint be sure that it's low in VOC's (volatile organic compounds)which means it will be a water based paint; there are also clay, lime wash, and milk based paints available. For more details about these environmental friendly paints as well as to find out how and where to purchase them just click HERE. GO GREEN!

As you may know I love music, so check out Kira Willey's song "Colors"

Fall 2008 colors...better late than never???

Pantone always has the trendy colors for every season and fall 2008 is no different. I've compiled images, furniture, and accessories from all over the net to show you some of my favorite items in Pantone's 10 haute hues for fall 2008.