Sunday, July 20, 2008

Way Cool Couch

This couch is really cool, the fabric is made to look like pixels, and it's full of color so you know I love it! It was designed by Christian Zuzunaga and you may have seen it on another site already but another look won't hurt.

Speaking of pixels, I pulled up behind this truck and thought it would make a great pop art photo.

I bought a frame that included a matte and held three photos so I decided to manipulate the picture in order to use it for all three frames; it didn't work out (the frame came with the photos that couldn't be removed) but I love the pictures and can't wait to actually use them. Check it out below.

Pixelated (above)

Inverted color (above)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think we've got the swing of things

Finally, we've come to our last post in what's turned out to be a "series" on doors. We couldn't talk about doors and not look at the most common type...swing doors. Now there are two options when it comes to swing doors, those that just open and close, and those that actually swing back and forth. I don't know that I'd want a true back and forth swing door in my home but to each it's own. Check out my picks of open and close swing doors, once again these doors are courtesy of Albed and Bartels. These doors display varying styles ranging from frosted glass to colored glass, and from ebony stain to grass cloth.

I really like the design element above, they've faced the walls and doors with the same material so that it flows seamlessly, you'd barely know a door was there were it not for the handle.

I hope you've enjoyed checking out all the doors, they can really be a great way to update and change your space. Often times I talk about less expensive and more interchangeable ways that make a difference but a door is a commitment you'd have to make to your design style because they are too expensive to change out on a regular basis. However, the next time the opportunity knocks for you to make a change, answer it with a beautiful door that's just your style.

Slide to tha left...slide to tha right

While I was looking at doors I figured we should keep the party going and check out some great sliding doors for the interior of your home. These aren't the sliding doors your use to, you know the ones that constantly get off track and you wind up just getting frustrated and leaning the door against the door frame rather than closing it properly! Some of these doors have exposed hardware mounted above them which plays to the industrial look, and those doors happen to be my favorite, but even with the hardware hidden these doors are WAY above average. Bartels Designer Doors and Albed are two options for sliding contemporary door companies but once again there are plenty of choices out there. When you're looking for a door keep in mind the space that the door is going to encompass...Will these be closet doors? or Will these doors open up to my bedroom or office? Contemporary means simple so don't get carried away with sliding doors everywhere you turn

When you're looking for a door keep in mind the space that the door is going to encompass...Will these be closet doors? or Will these doors open up to my office or to my outdoors?

Contemporary means simple so don't get carried away with sliding doors everywhere you turn remember to keep this as a special feature in your home. However if your space allows you to use more than one set of sliding doors keep your furniture and accessories to a minimum because you DO NOT want the design to become to busy. By the way there are plenty of gorgeous door options that don't slide you just have to make sure your design elements work together and not against one another.

Knock Knock...

Who cares who's at the door! This post is about showing you stylish and contemporary doors that can indicate what's to come once you've entered. Your front door is one of the first things people see when they come to your home and it should speak to your style. What does your current front door say about you and the style of your home? It may be time to change it!

The front doors shown were designed by Urban Front who specializes in contemporary and modern exterior doors. These were just two of the styles and finishes that caught my eye but if you do some online browsing you'll find plenty of companies and I'm sure one would meet all of you door needs.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Party on the Patty!

After lots of sweaty days, hard labor, and a sun that just wouldn't quit I am so excited to finally be able to show off the new patio roomie and I built! I don't have much time so this is only a preview but I just couldn't wait any longer to share with you the finished product. Needless to say there have been...and will be many Party's on the Patty!!!

This is the before and after, we took on several projects on the patio and I'll share them all with you during this week but so far...what do you think?

Here's an ever better view of the above finished picture. (Please excuse the towel and the wine bottle but we were still cleaning and celebrating!)