Friday, August 31, 2007

Pier's so Hard to say Goodbye

I was recently shopping online and looking for a particular item that I thought I'd be able to easily find at Pier 1 Imports but much to my dismay I found it very difficult to get the price of and purchase the item. I thought maybe they were encountering problems with their website so I shrugged it off and thought I'd return later to finish the transaction....UNH UNH UNH, that's not going to happen! Pier 1 has announced that being 09/01/2007 (more like today) they will not offer online purchases :-( you can still get all of their great items in their stores but they will not offer ANY PRODUCTS ONLINE!

It's so hard to say goodbye but we must bid farewell! I need a hug.

Steal Style

It's Friday folks and that means it's time for our next Steal Style! Looking for something to do with your three-day weekend, well here goes a project you could work on.

I really like this cozy, stylish bedroom. I love the bold patterns used, especially the geometric pattern used on the window treatments, but because it's such a subdued color palette this room manages to be relaxing with just a hint of retro.

So here's the game plan

Now Steal that Style!

Remember this Zak Table Lamp from our "Designer, Deal, and Steal" post a couple of days back, it was the clue to what the next "Steal Style" post would be. Buy it here at $199.00, the best price I've found online.

I would have loved to find those folding stools, like the ones in the photo but I didn't come across those exact stools. I thought either of these were comparable folding stools for $99.00 each or the wine barrel stave chairs set of 2 for $349.00. I believe the stools would be more comfortable than the chairs and the stools would make for a more appropriate setting.

3 Black Studio frames with white picture matting hung above the bed for art. Use whatever subject you'd like for your pictures, as long as the photo is black and white. Buy the 16x20 frames here for $39.99 each.

Down to the tiniest detail if you want your room to emulate the designer room you'll need a coral or shell statue for your bedside table. This lacquered shell on a stand (center) can be purchased for $22.95.

Three neutral colored toss pillows and the "head" of the bed (tan, ivory, taupe, beige, etc.). Target is a great place to find pillows and linens like this pillow that's on sale for $7.50. You'll need basic white sheets and pillowcases which can be found for as low as 29.99, and don't forget the throw for over your stools or chairs.

So now that we have accessories out of the way it's down to the real business...finding fabrics like the one's in the designer room

First things first, the duvet. I doubt that you'll find a bed covering like the one shown so you'll have to sew one, when you choose your striped fabric it is EXTREMELY important that you choose one that has EVENLY PLACED STRIPES and that the stripes are AT LEAST 1" WIDE. The fabric I've chose has 1 1/2" wide alternating stripes of black and off-white fabric. I would try not to get a stripe fabric that used "true white",but lean more towards off white, cream, taupe, etc. As always remember to get a fabric that's suitable for the project you're doing, this fabric (left) is $7.99/yd and specifies that it's suitable for bedding.

Next comes the drapery fabric which is where the real decision making comes into play. I've shown two options, "Diamante" which is $14.99 yd or "Grid" which is $11.98/yd.

Now, when you look at the page of the stripe fabric I've chose the fabric store shows you the coordinating fabrics they choose for this particular pattern, but I wouldn't recommend any of them for this look. You need to choose a geometric pattern that looks very sophisticated, and if you choose the darker fabric make sure the stripes in your bedding are the same color as your drapery fabric.

So what's left for you to do...well make sure your walls are the right color, most neutral paint shades will do. You'll notice I didn't choose any furniture, I felt like having the exact bed and side table wasn't important, as long as the bed you have does not have a foot board and your furniture has a dark tone to it. You've got what it takes so don't be bored this holiday weekend...Steal that Style!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Potraits of a Woman...

These prints are by artist Michelle Buhl-Nielsen and I think they are beautiful. She's used bold primary colors yet they are not overpowering. The prints come in rather rather small sizes but I still feel one or all of them would make a contribution to one's art gathering. They are reprints (of course) on poster so they are very inexpensive, click here to shop her collection available through

"Green Turban"

"Morning Lust" and "African Rain"

"The Awakening"

New "Fatboy" by Dwell

Dwell has teamed up with Fatboy to bring you this special edition signature print beanbag. It's available for pre-order exclusively at Design Public for $299.00; shipments roll out early October so if you want your very on you better order now.

Better off RED

I'm so excited! Red is my favorite color and just a couple of weeks ago I dedicated an entire week of posts to the color RED...well low and behold Urban Outfitters thinks some things are "Better off Red". Below is their latest fall ad for their home decor, accessories, and furnishings. Take a look!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Add the Z Factor

Check out these photos; they all have the Z factor...

Who would have thought, "Bubblegum" pink mixed with cobalt blue and sophisticated furnishings makes for a very unique look. Throw in the zebra skin rug...and that's what I call a BOLD yet elegant entry-way.

Who says you can't mix all your favorite things in one room? White furniture, warm fabric tones, and cool avocado green on the walls. Bring on the zebra, and you've got one eclectic bedroom.

What a love story; Curvy furnishings mixed well with clean lines. Tradition falls for modern and black revisits white, when the zebra hits the floor. The glass table says, "I know I could have covered this up, but I want you to see it all"!

What is that...velvet?("Coming to America" fans can appreciate that LOL) Not too much fuss, just some wall paper, lemon trees, and bold color. Lay out the zebra rug to "anchor" it all and it's dinner for three in this retro dining area.

No matter the style the equation is simple;

if you want a room that = BOLD and FUN + ZEBRA !

Rooms Courtesy of Laura Day Designs, House Beautiful, and Coastal Living

Monday, August 27, 2007

Poppy Power

Poppies are a great way to bring fun and color to a room, check out these "poppy" picks I've chosen. I especially like the vintage style and eclectic flair that poppies can add...Happy Shopping!
Poppy Rug - $270.00

Poppy Bath Rugs (available in 3 colors) - $24.00

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

George Nelson's "Eye Clock" - $365.00 Buy It

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lock and Key

How about some art for your home in a less conventional method. Graphic artist and designer Piero Fornasetti adapted this famous black and white image of a woman's face from a magazine and turned it into an iconic embellishment for various home decor pieces.

Fornasetti's Pillow Key- $100.00

(Front and back view)

Designer, Deal, and Steal...Plus a Preview

Love this lamp but wanna save some money? Well how about this...can you even tell the difference? I can't until I check the price tag; click the image to find out which lamp is $199.00 and which lamp is $325.00.

Psssttt--- this lamp will be featured in the next "Steal Style" post, check back to see the gorgeous room it belongs to.

Steal Style

I talk a lot about inspiration and where it can come from when designing your space, but sometimes you see a room and you want THAT room; you don't want to be just want to STEAL STYLE! It's OKAY, if you see a room and you really like it, why not try to recreate the look, and if possible recreate it for less.

I've used some photos of rooms that I thought were beautiful and I've pulled together some decor to give you examples of how to steal style. If you see something you like there will be links to all the items so that you can buy the room I feature. Also if you see rooms you like or even an item that you like elsewhere, email me the image and I'll see if I can help you find it. So if you've got a decorating dilemma and you don't know what to do you could always...STEAL STYLE!

Remember this "Sunny" post from a couple of days ago?

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Here's the game plan...

Now steal that style!

To save money you could always use an existing bedside table or find a bargain and paint it in a bold yellow hue, as long as you don't compromise the style of the furniture it should work. If you want the real it is Jacqui 3-Drawer side table in Citrus Yellow- $660.00

This was my pick when it came to the fabric to be used on the headboard, bed skirt and drapes. Although were stealing style if you really want the project to come out correctly you will have to do some work so that there's a "custom look"White Floral Silk Chiffon- $8.00/yd

In order achieve the look of the headboard you'll need a piece of plywood (cut to the correct proportion for your frame and mattress size), you'll need batting and of course your fabric. Simply cover the plywood in batting (if you want extra cushion you could also use a foam pad underneath your batting), wrap your fabric over the wood and batting and staple it to the back of your board (Be sure to pull the fabric tightly so that you have a smooth look). Remember to attach your headboard to the wall to avoid any dangerous headboard mishaps LOL. Keep in mind these are brief instructions I'm sure you could find more detail on covering a headboard on the net.

I initially thought this fabric was too dark for the sofa but now I actually think it's perfect! I would enlist the help of a professional upholsterer, because although the structure of the sofa seems to be simple enough to slipcover, you're working with a stripe-patterned material and it's important that the stripes line up correctly. Also remember when choosing this fabric that it needs to be suitable for upholstery because all fabric isn't heavy enough for the job. Beach Umbrella "Key Lime" stripe fabric- $13.95/yd

Finding a lamp like the one in the photo wasn't easy but I really like the look of this lamp from Jonathan Adler, although it's rather pricey. If you find something comparable at a better price BUY IT! Don't worry about color, you could always spray paint it and change out the lamp shade. Whittier Lamp- $375.00

Be mindful of the shades of blue/green you use so that they all coordinate and when you buy your rug choose a size that's suitable for your space. Shaw shag rug in Sea Grass- starting at $219.00

This blanket is a great price, and the color works well.

And because we pay attention to detail, here's an alarm clock for your bedside. Bulova Alarm Clock- $39.00

Now all you need to do is choose a paint color that ,again, coordinates with all the shades of blue and green in the room; you'll need crisp white bedsheets, and don't forget the golden yellow flowers for your bedside table to complete your look. Use the picture as a guide to pull it all together and you've STOLE STYLE!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thomas Paul is infamous for using birds in decor but doesn't have to be the only one who loves birds; check out these fly items featuring our feathered friends and see what's here for you to add to your decor.

Love Bird Runner $129.00

Sparrow Pillow $24.95

Sparrow Pillow $24.95

This is just one of the many coordinating collections available by Thomas Paul (purple collection shown above) , he has recently introduced a new collection of silk twill pillows as well as brought back his classic collection of twill pillows. Click here to see them all starting at $60.00 each.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where does inspiration come from? How about anywhere...especially when designing. If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll notice I often talk about using all your senses when designing your space. The space you inhabit should incorporate all the things you love even if that means organized chaos!

You should surround yourself in textures, scents, and sounds that appeal to you AND most of all, your space should appeal to you visually...which leads me to this post. I always stumble upon beautiful pictures while I'm browsing for things to post here and most of the time because the pictures don't deal directly with interior design I choose not to post them, but I've discovered those are the very pictures I should be posting because they are visually appealing to me. Therefore what I've done is taken three high fashion photographs captured by photographer Amber Gray and translated them into furniture and decor that is similar in design, style and color.

This first photo (above) reminded me of soft yet edgy design, the model's make up, clothing, and hair is hard yet she's surrounded by light, air, and circles. In this space (top right) round, modern furnishings were utilized and the monochromatic color scheme gave it a very contemporary pop. The space in the bottom right corner has soft, traditional furnishings which are further enhanced by the tones of mauve and lavender used in the room. Finally when I looked at the photo I was instantly reminded of the classic George Nelson "Marshmallow sofa" (bottom left) , Eero Aarnio's "Bubble Chair" (middle right) , and this simple round chair (top left). Rooms courtesy of Domino.

This next photo (above) rocks, I absolutely adore the model's turquoise face and shes covered in gold shimmering fabric...LOVES IT!!! It's contemporary elegance captured at it's height (but that's just my opinion). The first two rooms I choose that reminded of this photo were traditional and elegant, but they don't bore me the way traditional design sometimes does, I wouldn't change a thing about either space. And I h e a r t the abstract painting above the fireplace; it actually reminds me of the painting above my mantel (I'll have to post a picture of it). These drapes from Anthropologie definitely reminded me of this photo, not only are they a rich velvet fabric, but they're adorned with gold scroll detail. Finally my favorite space is the one that stretches across the bottom of the image, this is a room inside the Villa Maripose which is a hotel in San Miguel, Mexico. The bold, rich hues that cover the walls coupled with the unique furnishings of Mexico makes for a classic, colorful Mexican inspired space. Rooms courtesy of Domino and House Beautiful.

The final photo I choose (above) reminded me of romance and whimsy. The model is covered in feathers and cherry blossoms, on top some sort of lite stage or box. I was immediately drawn to the cherry blossoms so that's how I chose most of the items shown. There is this cherry blossom bedspread from Urban Outfitters on sale for $17.99, next this romantic blossoming chandelier priced at a mere $37,500.00 from Moss (yeah right...mere), and finally this cherry blossom pillow from crate and barrel which is $69.95. The spaces featured above are courtesy of brocade home and domino; I just love the cherry blossom wall covering, and of course when I think of romantic decor I immediately think of brocade home.
So the next time you have a decorating dilemma, look to your favorite photos for inspiration!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunny Side

Okay, I realize that fall is quickly approaching and I should be posting looks that suit the season, but I just couldn't resist this bright and cheery space. It just reminds me of the sun and summer, it's such a light and airy room. Since the forecast here at home (LA) predicts rainstorms all week I thought working on a post for a summer space would cheer me up! This space is also the first one that I'll feature in a series of posts I like to call "Steal Style".

So Soak up the Sun, while you can, if you can; and while you're at it, soak up enough for me...goodness knows after this wet week I'll need it, LOL!

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

Friday, August 17, 2007

Modern Romance

Brocade Home features some of the finest and most stylish, "romantic" furniture, and decor I've seen! I wish I could share all of the pictures with you but since I can't I've chosen a few of my favorite...go to their site and check out what's there for you to love.

Another thing I love about Brocade Home is...all of the elegant wallpaper featured in their photos can be purchased through their company. Classy!