Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celebrate the Bar Code

Do not adjust your computer screen folks, today (like Google), hue is celebrating the bar code! The first bar code was patented on this date in 1952 by inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver.

Featured below is some A-MAY-ZING (I meant to put the y in amazing) celebrity photo artwork by Scott Blake created using bar codes.

Blake is shown in the photo above with the bar code image he created of Jesus.
You may remember a couple of weeks ago I featured a picture of a bar code I'd done...I think they look cool, hence my little creation lol

Friday, October 2, 2009

Get it then SOLO!

Solange is FAB-U-LOUS in this Honey mag photo it out guhl! I love all the colors, the way her outfits were styled (fashion forward as they may be) and the scenery a.k.a I love it ALL. Run,!, don't walk to stands and get the magazine for the interview and full spread.