Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More of that Pretty Garbage

I posted a picture of the one of the garbage trucks that the Mural Arts Program and the Design Center of Philadelphia University teamed up to turn into mobile art using beautiful textile patterns. In total they painted 10 trucks and they are all so fun and funky (no pun intented)!

Objects of my Obsession...The Explanation

So over the past couple of years I've realized my personality can be quite addictive, I always have to have something to fixate upon and I like instant gratification (crazy right). I first noticed my obession when I finished 12 room concepts for my portfolio in a matter of 48 hours...I wasn't even sleepy I just wanted to work! Then there was the patio that roomie and I slaved in the 90 + degree weather to finish, next I went without a vehicle for months because I didn't just want "a car" I wanted a Toyota Solara (it's not a beamer but that's what I wanted at the time) was the object of my obsession. I decided one Saturday that I wanted a dog I obsessed over it for two days while I scoured the net looking for the perfect puppy and by that Tuesday Kori was a member of the family. One day while flat ironing my hair I realized that I would feel much more free if I got rid of that hair, I told my friends about it; they gave me their opinion and the next weekend I had a Mohawk. I now have my eye on design school and I've quit my job and I'm living home to get what I want...and oh yeah, Philly has become the newest object of my obsession!

These are a couple of the room concepts but you can see them all here, here, and here.

Before and after of the patio my roommate and I built, check the full post here.

The car I had to have...I thought it was sexy and sophisticated not to mention affordable (most importantly affordable at least for me LOL)

This is my Kori Kayli...and she has a major DIVATUDE

Here's the mohawk (really it's a faux hawk but whatever)

Then there's Old City Philadelphia...the newest object of my obsession; all I have to do is get there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Charley Harper and the Cardinal

I thought it was fitting that I post about red cardinals; for the past three weeks I've spotted the birds on my morning walk and with red being my favorite color I think they are some beautiful creatures. Famed illustrator Charles (Charley) Harper often made the feathered friends a subject of his artwork and you can even find home accessory collections featuring his illustrations of the birds. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces that he's done.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fabulous Flatware

Plastic flatware???You've got to be kidding me! Designer Daisuke Hiraiwa painstakingly uses a soldering iron to poke holes into plastic spoons and knifes to create beautiful chandeliers full of movement and reflections of light.

The picture above is a close up of the flatware after Hiraiwa has carefully punched each hole, and the chandeliers below are the end result to his vision. His work was featured at this years ICFF and if you'd like to read more about Daisuka Hiraiwa you can go to his website.

Considering the nature of this post I thought it was only fitting that I also feature a design by Ali Siahvoshi which reuses flatware in a most attractive manner. Check out samples of his overhead dining light as well as a wall sconce created by Siahovoshi and manufactured through Fabbian.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trend Alert: Stripes

According to Elle Decor one of the newest trends in design for both interior and fashion is STRIPES. Here a few items that can help keep you stay in style...happy shopping!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just hanging

I await the day I can dedicate an entire wall to be my own personal museum of art; different subject matters, different color palettes, different sizes, all lovely and hanging together.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Romping Around...

I love these rompers/jumpsuits that are so in style right now. At one time they were pretty hard to find but lately they've been popping up everywhere. I bought one at Target and I LOVE IT! Anyway I was doing some online browsing for cute things to wear this Memorial Day weekend and I ran across a few I thought I'd share...

To get these styles you can try Anthropologie, Delia's, and Newport News.

Getting all Dolled up!

Hue is having a slight makeover, so please excuse the mess while it gets all dolled up.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ear Candy

If I could, I'd go out to the store right now and get all these earrings...gotta love the ear candy! (Especially since I've chopped all of my hair to follow LOL)

Check Anthropologie if you love them too!

Then it comes to an Epiphany

WOW, that's all I can say. After at least 8 years of thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do with myself I feel like I've had an epiphany about my life. Don't get me wrong I LOVE DESIGN but for quite some time I've wondered how my life would play out after I finished school it's like I get my design degree then what...? My roomie/friend would always say "Don't worry about it, you're talented and you'll succeed--it'll all work out" but I just wasn't for sure about that. However after throwing myself into a situation in which I'll have to sink or swim (and sinking is not an option) I've decided that I'm really going to give textile design a try! When I looked over all the things I love about art and design and all the posts I've done over the past two years (by the the way HUE turned 2 in March!) it really has always been about whatever is pretty and whatever makes me happy. Only time will tell and over the next three months my final decision will need to be made but for now I honestly feel at peace about my direction in design!

Of course I had to make this an entertainment post...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Color me Happy...

I awoke this morning with painting, color, and creativity on my mind! I decided to search for some images on the web and share them with you...I hope you enjoy.

Click here to read the article about textile designer Malene B. and you can check her website out here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

White House Poetry Jam!

I've long been an Obama supporter, but now I have one other thing to add to the list of things I respect about our 44th president. On last night; May 12th, 2009 President and First Lady Barack Obama hosted the White House first ever "Poetry Jam". Musicians, poets, and artists gathered along with 200 invited guests into the East room of the White House to partake in an event that President Obama dubbed as "a chance to highlight the importance of the arts...the power of words and music." HBO will be airing the event, however the show times are not available at this time, I'll let you know when you should set your dvr's and tivo!

Pretty Garbage...

What an oxymoron; huh...but that's exactly what you'd think belongs in these recycling trucks in Philadelphia (which is by the way where I think I want to relocate to). Check this link to Apartment Therapy to read about them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who's hiding Miss Hue???

WOW...I've missed being able to blog! Although I'd pull disappearing acts from time to time it was always by choice but this time I was forced to disappear! I've been without my own personal computer for the past 3 months and because of that I hadn't been doing much of anything online. I still don't have my pc but I should be getting it back really soon...anyway there has been so many things that have transpired since I last blogged some things not so good but mostly I feel that happy times are ahead!

I'm sad to announce that famed artist Ernie Barnes (who I wrote my last blog about) has passed away he died at the age of 70 on Monday April 29, 2009. Mememorial donations may be sent to Hillsides Home for Children , 940 Avenue 64 Pasadena, CA 91105.

I'd also like to share some awesome news with all of my blog readers...I've finally given up my fulltime job in the accounting field and will be pursuing design with everything I have in me. If I have any readers out there from Philly I'd like to hear from a matter of fact I'd like everyone to send me information about they're city as I search for a new "artsy" place to call home! If you'd like to join me on my journey feel free to follow me on twitter... Hopefully by Monday I'll be up and running, able to blog everyday and share this exciting new adventure with you!