Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Modern Classic- The Cherner Chair

I've long admired this beautiful chair by Norman Cherner designed in 1958. I especially love that the chair reminds me of a woman's silhouette if she were to pose with her hands on her hips; with that said I didn't want to post this item until I was able to find the perfect picture(s) to go along with the classic piece of furniture. I thought I'd never conquer my quest (believe me sometimes it's an adventure to find the image) but low and behold I found an entire blog titled "Hands on Her Hips" , dedicated to none other than images of women with their hands on their hips! I think I've found the perfect pictures, art imitating life or life imitating art...either way I'm somewhat awe stricken.

Want your own? Shop the Cherner Shop at Velocity

Things are looking up

I'd been searching for a solution...We're in the middle of redecorating the patio and I live in Louisiana so can we say HOT LIKE FIRE!!! The temp today was 100 with the head index so needless to say we'll need some shade for that patio. Since I'm not one for things that are very conventional I began a quest to find a contemporary solution for overhead shading. I found it! It's in the form of these triangular and 4-sided polygon shaped canopies. In the right color, and especially with the layered affect these canopies were EXACTLY what I was looking for...I'm glad to say THINGS ARE LOOKING UP!

They're available at several retailers including Target and Walmart but they offer limited sizes and colors. To get a customized shade or a larger color variety you'll need to go to more of a specialized retailer click here for some choices. I think I'm in love...but what's new!