Friday, March 30, 2007

Get me Bodied...Art meets entertainment!

Okay, I know all of you faithful celeb bloggers have not only heard about Beyonce's re-releasing "B'day" ,but you've probably seen many posts for her video anthology as well. Now you know Hue couldn't be left out of this, therefore I am mixing art with entertainment. Scroll down to check out B's new video for her single "Get Me Bodied" and on your way you can view some interesting art pieces featuring the body and various parts of the body.

Maybe you'll even be inspired to get bodied and use your own "parts" as art for your walls!

get body
Video sent by britneyfan

Spring has Sprung

March 20 marked the first official day of spring this year. I know many of us have been updating our wardrobes in preparation for the warmer more sunny weather, and now that you've updated your wardrobe (or at least begun to) why not update your space for spring. Now is the time to pull out those spring colors through home accents sprinkled about. I've featured some items from a few of my favorite stores that I'd suggest to incorporate this season in your home.

Throws, candles, accent pillows, picture frame matting, flowers, artwork, place settings and floor rugs are all great ways to add color, multiply style, and subtract big spending!

Click on the links above to search more spring update items and check pricing.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stick it to them...

And by them I mean the walls. Stickers aren't just child's play anymore. They are being used as part of home decor now and I for one, am digging the idea. Depending on the type of sticker you choose it could suffice as a bold statement of art on the wall, or the stickers could be placed over the entire wall for more of a patterned appearance. The thing I like most about these is that they're an easy way to make a quick change, and I think they're a great idea for renters, because they are not permanent.

The stickers featured in this post are by a company called dvider and they come in all the colors shown in the top picture. Here are a couple more that I liked, these are in room settings, so you get a better idea. Would you use wall stickers?

Designer, Deal, and Steal!

Last week I posted items I would "splurge" on if given the oppurtunity. One of those items was a designer Hoffman Kubus chair, so I decided to see if there was something out there like it; that was more affordable...

The original chair our DESIGNER was found at Spacify sells for $3.652.89. Now I found the exact same chair our DEAL at Comcore21 only there the chair's price drops to $1170.00. Now for our STEAL Comcore21 has a button chair at $384.62.

Folks this is a no-brainer for me!




Which would you choose?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Drumroll please, the pictures are finally here!

I've done over 10 room concepts but I'll post the rest of them later. Here are a few for starters, tell me what you think.


Check out these rugs at, it's all about the X's and O's!

Holy Molo

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WALL!!! It's from the Molo Wall Collection and called a softwall. They are sold at Velocity in Seattle, WA or online at . You can buy them in heights of 4 or 6 feet and get can move them to make any shape you'd like, it's shown above in sort of a wave pattern. Check out the other things you can do with the wall.

UPDATE** I was having trouble with the pictue of the wall I'd originally posted it was in black (which I like alot better), but hopefully the picture of the wall in white works**

Designer, Deal, and Steal!

Now I'm sure many of you have seen a clock like those shown below, it's called a ball clock and the original designer of this clock is George Nelson. I really like these clocks and lately I've been seeing them everywhere so I decided to do some price checking, here goes...

If you want the DESIGNER version of this clock it'll cost you $285.00 and can be found at Now if you want a DEAL the clock shown below can be found at and will cost you $39.00. BUT to get a STEAL, you can go to Wally World a.ka. Wal-Mart and find a similiar clock for about $14.76...take your pick.

I'd take the deal and remain $246.00 richer!




Modern Style

As I've mentioned a million times before, I've been working on my design portfolio, to showcase some of the work I've done, and some design ideas I have. In searching for really unique items to include in different spaces I came across this website that features some very modern design accessories. There are two stores, both in San Francisco, but they offer online shopping. I've picked some of my favs that are both BOLD and subdued, what are some of your favs?

Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Back...

I didn't have an opportunity to post the pics yesterday...I was dedicated to my portfolio this weekend, but I did begin on the bedroom project I was talking about. I'll post pictures of the progress and pages from the portfolio later on today. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Friday!

I went to several stores Thursday and purchased some things for my portfolio that I've been working on. I'll post pictures of pages from the portfolio as they are completed. I also have a bedroom project this weekend, so I'll be posting before and after pictures of that. I should have the pictures posted no later than Sunday night, so come back to check it out.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You Got Me Goin In Circles

Who knew that circles cost so much??? It seems that the price of an item doubles when it's in a circlular shape. These are some contempo-tastic picks from that same site I posted about earlier.

This bed comes in two finishes at retails at $6832.00 while the rug retails at $2659.20.

Feel like splurging?

My best friend just emailed me about this great website she ran across... Their selection is beautiful and really contemporary but quite pricey. However it's a great site to check out and draw inspiration, if your budget won't quite allow you to spend thousands of dollars on one item--I know mine won't!

Hence the question "Feel like splurging?"

There is no way I could possibly show you everything I like but here are a few "splurges" I'd make: (Here are the links to check out the prices of my "splurges" my dreams!!!!)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it ok to mix wood species?

Yes! Now I'll be the first to admit in the past I thought the mixing of woods was the unwritten 11th commandment, but I've changed my mind now. As a matter of fact I believe when done correctly mixing wood species can add real character to a space. The samples I've chosen are actually of wood floors that were laid using two wood species on each floor.This could serve as a "guide" to what species looks good when mixed. I've included examples of floors that I thought would work well in both contemporary and traditional spaces. While the alternating wood squares and wood insets have a more modern look, the ornate detail of the wood border lends itself to a more traditional style. I think the last photo, which appears to have the wood planks laid on a diagonal pattern could work in either setting. What do you think? Let me know!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Be Inspired

It’s ok to find one thing you really like and build upon that item. Back when I lived with my parents I found these colorful harlequin dining plates at Dillard's, I wasn't sure when I'd be able to use the plates (since I didn't have my own place) but I knew I loved them and I didn't want to leave the store without them. Once I did move out my roomie and I choose the decor for our place based on those plates.

I later found this plate, and even though it's a little different than the original I felt by placing it on a plate stand and using it as a part of our center piece it works well to compliment the colorful place settings.

The pattern was also carried through to the living area with this pillow (Burlington) and picture frame (Hobby Lobby), and to the downstairs bathroom with this vase (Tuesday Morning) and towels (sewn with fabric from Hancock)

Don't worry it's not all "matchy matchy"! Because the pattern is disbursed, just a touch here and there, i think it works. It also helps that even though the pattern stays the same all of the accessories are different colors.