Monday, November 26, 2007

Why hang mistletoe when you can hang your entire tree

Well for one you may not want your tree hanging, I don't think I would. But let me start at the beggining; I'm so excited to announce that Z Gallerie has opened it's first store in Baton Rouge (home), and it ROCKS! I too happy to finally see all the treasures I'd come to love through browsing online, finally in person when some friends and I went there this weekend. They had some really beautifully decorated trees but upon examination I noticed that all of the trees they'd decorated were inverted...they all hung or stood up-side-down. That lead me to do some research and apparently this dates back to ancient times but it was the first time I'd seen it done. I must admit it added a very contemporary edge to Christmas with the white and bronze trees standing right side up, adorned in ornaments and although I love the edge, I can't say I'm ready to dive right off the cliff by hanging or standing my tree upside down.

What do you think?

Tis the season!

Okay, I've been gone for A WHILE NOW, but I'mmmmm baaaaccckkk! As you may remember my roomie and I moved this summer and believe it or not it has taken all this time for us to really get settled into the place. I'd been promising pictures, and I actually had taken the pictures but it just didn't look right, until now. We'd contemplated buying a new sofa and changing the color scheme but that was way out of budget so we did the ever so budget friendly and quite reliable "accessory update". We've changed out our rug in the living area, bought a new television, and of course decorated for Christmas, and now the place feels like home again!

We've begun decorating our third bedroom/Hue's office space/lounge room and I can't wait to post pictures of it all. I'll have before and afters for you in the next two weeks, until then, I will be providing regular updates...I hope they'll meet you "worth the wait" standards.


S. Earls

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where's Ms.Hue?

I'm here, I'm here! I've been taking a much needed break but believe me I haven't been sitting still at all!!! This is a new month and I still have a lot of things (personal things) to take care of but trust me I'll be back asap, hopefully no later than next week. In the meantime check out a couple of my favorite blogs listed in the column to the right "Who do I love", and if you enter your email address and click "get email updates" Hue will let you know when we have new and exciting finds for you. Until next time...

Thanks for the support, and patience!

XOXO S.Earls

Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Mr.West lives in the West

Don Stewart designed this LA pad for Grammy winning rapper and producer Kanye West, and it is H O T !!! I can't say enough about any of these spaces; so I won't say a thing at all. The design speaks for itself, listen...

You can check out the story and a couple more pictures here at Interior Design.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Down the tube

If you're a fan of HGTV and you watch their show "I Want That" you probably have seen this toilet paper that was featured on the show about a year ago; for some odd reason I thought about the product today and I want to get your thoughts on neon colored toiletry. Does your bottom deserve $150.00 toilet paper (15 rolls)...well Renova thinks so; what are your thoughts?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rated X

I sincerely hope no one's offended by the title of this post, but I just wanted to grab your did it work?

It's been a couple of days since I've posted anything. I (or should I say my mind because my body was right here at home) took a short vacation to get some things straight but I'm back! This is my third post about these graphic x rugs found at 2modern and I just can't seem to get enough of sharing these with you. They may not be the most practical purchase but they are super hot, enjoy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One of these things is not like the others

This is a great example of how accessories and paint color can transform a room! Three of the rooms above are all the same space with the exception of fabrics, pillows, paint, rugs, and accessories being changed in each photo.

I'll admit changing the paint color in a room several times, or even once a year, is quite ambitious; but I feel like even if the walls were painted a neutral tone or left chocolate brown changing everything else still would have a dramatic effect.

Which room is your favorite?

Images courtesy of Sunset

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

White after Labor Day :-o

The age old customs states "Don't wear white after Labor Day", but what about your room. Is your white room "out of style"...I think not. These are just a few white spaces but to me they are crisp and refreshing no matter what time of the year!

White is a cool color but if you have a white space that you're looking to warm up I'd suggest bringing in some neutral or warm hues to the room as well as lots of texture such as corduroy, faux fur, and velvet. Imagine changing out the black accessories in the rooms shown above for rich brown tones. Add drapes over the current sheers which can add both function (literally keeping the room warmer) and style, a couple of toss pillows, and a throw (which is also functional for snuggling) and you've got an instant Winter Wonderland!

Look at your white room as a blank canvas. The bedroom shown above has endless style possibilities. I can imagine it transitioning perfectly with just a change of accessories from season to season making the space suitable year round.

In spite of everything I've said remember your space is your own, and it's meant to make you happy, so if you're comfortable with your all white space...Don't change a thing!

Images courtesy of Living Etc

Monday, September 3, 2007

School is in

This pencil coat rack spotted over at Design Milk teaches a real lesson in style!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Pier's so Hard to say Goodbye

I was recently shopping online and looking for a particular item that I thought I'd be able to easily find at Pier 1 Imports but much to my dismay I found it very difficult to get the price of and purchase the item. I thought maybe they were encountering problems with their website so I shrugged it off and thought I'd return later to finish the transaction....UNH UNH UNH, that's not going to happen! Pier 1 has announced that being 09/01/2007 (more like today) they will not offer online purchases :-( you can still get all of their great items in their stores but they will not offer ANY PRODUCTS ONLINE!

It's so hard to say goodbye but we must bid farewell! I need a hug.

Steal Style

It's Friday folks and that means it's time for our next Steal Style! Looking for something to do with your three-day weekend, well here goes a project you could work on.

I really like this cozy, stylish bedroom. I love the bold patterns used, especially the geometric pattern used on the window treatments, but because it's such a subdued color palette this room manages to be relaxing with just a hint of retro.

So here's the game plan

Now Steal that Style!

Remember this Zak Table Lamp from our "Designer, Deal, and Steal" post a couple of days back, it was the clue to what the next "Steal Style" post would be. Buy it here at $199.00, the best price I've found online.

I would have loved to find those folding stools, like the ones in the photo but I didn't come across those exact stools. I thought either of these were comparable folding stools for $99.00 each or the wine barrel stave chairs set of 2 for $349.00. I believe the stools would be more comfortable than the chairs and the stools would make for a more appropriate setting.

3 Black Studio frames with white picture matting hung above the bed for art. Use whatever subject you'd like for your pictures, as long as the photo is black and white. Buy the 16x20 frames here for $39.99 each.

Down to the tiniest detail if you want your room to emulate the designer room you'll need a coral or shell statue for your bedside table. This lacquered shell on a stand (center) can be purchased for $22.95.

Three neutral colored toss pillows and the "head" of the bed (tan, ivory, taupe, beige, etc.). Target is a great place to find pillows and linens like this pillow that's on sale for $7.50. You'll need basic white sheets and pillowcases which can be found for as low as 29.99, and don't forget the throw for over your stools or chairs.

So now that we have accessories out of the way it's down to the real business...finding fabrics like the one's in the designer room

First things first, the duvet. I doubt that you'll find a bed covering like the one shown so you'll have to sew one, when you choose your striped fabric it is EXTREMELY important that you choose one that has EVENLY PLACED STRIPES and that the stripes are AT LEAST 1" WIDE. The fabric I've chose has 1 1/2" wide alternating stripes of black and off-white fabric. I would try not to get a stripe fabric that used "true white",but lean more towards off white, cream, taupe, etc. As always remember to get a fabric that's suitable for the project you're doing, this fabric (left) is $7.99/yd and specifies that it's suitable for bedding.

Next comes the drapery fabric which is where the real decision making comes into play. I've shown two options, "Diamante" which is $14.99 yd or "Grid" which is $11.98/yd.

Now, when you look at the page of the stripe fabric I've chose the fabric store shows you the coordinating fabrics they choose for this particular pattern, but I wouldn't recommend any of them for this look. You need to choose a geometric pattern that looks very sophisticated, and if you choose the darker fabric make sure the stripes in your bedding are the same color as your drapery fabric.

So what's left for you to do...well make sure your walls are the right color, most neutral paint shades will do. You'll notice I didn't choose any furniture, I felt like having the exact bed and side table wasn't important, as long as the bed you have does not have a foot board and your furniture has a dark tone to it. You've got what it takes so don't be bored this holiday weekend...Steal that Style!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Potraits of a Woman...

These prints are by artist Michelle Buhl-Nielsen and I think they are beautiful. She's used bold primary colors yet they are not overpowering. The prints come in rather rather small sizes but I still feel one or all of them would make a contribution to one's art gathering. They are reprints (of course) on poster so they are very inexpensive, click here to shop her collection available through

"Green Turban"

"Morning Lust" and "African Rain"

"The Awakening"

New "Fatboy" by Dwell

Dwell has teamed up with Fatboy to bring you this special edition signature print beanbag. It's available for pre-order exclusively at Design Public for $299.00; shipments roll out early October so if you want your very on you better order now.

Better off RED

I'm so excited! Red is my favorite color and just a couple of weeks ago I dedicated an entire week of posts to the color RED...well low and behold Urban Outfitters thinks some things are "Better off Red". Below is their latest fall ad for their home decor, accessories, and furnishings. Take a look!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Add the Z Factor

Check out these photos; they all have the Z factor...

Who would have thought, "Bubblegum" pink mixed with cobalt blue and sophisticated furnishings makes for a very unique look. Throw in the zebra skin rug...and that's what I call a BOLD yet elegant entry-way.

Who says you can't mix all your favorite things in one room? White furniture, warm fabric tones, and cool avocado green on the walls. Bring on the zebra, and you've got one eclectic bedroom.

What a love story; Curvy furnishings mixed well with clean lines. Tradition falls for modern and black revisits white, when the zebra hits the floor. The glass table says, "I know I could have covered this up, but I want you to see it all"!

What is that...velvet?("Coming to America" fans can appreciate that LOL) Not too much fuss, just some wall paper, lemon trees, and bold color. Lay out the zebra rug to "anchor" it all and it's dinner for three in this retro dining area.

No matter the style the equation is simple;

if you want a room that = BOLD and FUN + ZEBRA !

Rooms Courtesy of Laura Day Designs, House Beautiful, and Coastal Living

Monday, August 27, 2007

Poppy Power

Poppies are a great way to bring fun and color to a room, check out these "poppy" picks I've chosen. I especially like the vintage style and eclectic flair that poppies can add...Happy Shopping!
Poppy Rug - $270.00

Poppy Bath Rugs (available in 3 colors) - $24.00

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

George Nelson's "Eye Clock" - $365.00 Buy It