Monday, October 13, 2008

Single Ladies! Must haves for the home

Beyonce's video for "Single Ladies" is here...and so are my top 5 must haves for the home of all you single ladies. To my men readers, I'm not trying to discriminate but this one is for the least I posted the video and you can see Beyonce in a bathing suit LOL.

Get a flat screen television and show the guys that they're not the only ones who love tech toys, HGTV is a whole other experience when watched in high definition! You're screen may not be as big as theirs but then again who said size matters?! LOL

A girl has gotta have her favorite artwork. I personally prefer to custom paint all of the art in my home but I decided to share some work by one of my favorite artists, Rosemary Pierce-Lackey. I can watch art like I watch television, having a different emotion evoked each time I look at it, like seeing a picture for the first time every time.

Love the leather! Besides all single ladies owning a bad pair of leather boots, you have to have something leather for your home. I have a leather chair in my room that I kick back in, but you may choose leather pillows, curtains, or a sofa. Either way you'll add to your sexy swag with the look and feel and leather.

I don't know about you but after a long day I spell relief W I N E, and I don't want it out of a plastic cup. You've gotta have some nice stemware, and Go Bytch has a post telling you all about what wines accompany which glasses check her out to make sure you're being proper about it, I prefer which ever glass is the biggest but that's a personal thing LOL.

What girl doesn't love flowers? Even if you don't love flowers at least add plants or some type of life to your home ladies. I have orange daisies on my bedside table I LOVE THEM. Fresh flowers would be nice but when you can't keep that up go for the high end silk flowers and make it work, they'll add that final touch of femme.

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A Go Bytch said...

Thanks for the shout out and according to this post I have all 5 lol..well u know I don't decorate but with your help I have a huge canvas in the dining room.





yep got 'em all. LOL

Go B.