Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Purple Reign...Purple Rain

Purple has become a front runner in colors when it comes to interiors and fashion. According to Crayola, purple heart, a color introduced in 1997, is America's third favorite color only preceded by 2 shades of blue. You can click here for some fun facts about purple and as always hit the links to get more info on purchasing any items you see listed. Purple may not be as regal as it once was but it still ranks up there when it comes to colors...I hope you find some inspiration in my picks of purple's reign!

I would have posted a video of the hit 1980's "Purple Rain", but apparently the artist formerly known as Price doesn't allow this...oh well LOL

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Anonymous said...

It's something how you can take a space add color and unique furniture and it becomes such an inviting place that you'll always want to be.