Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogging and Blabbing--Sneak Peek

I figured I should say something since I've been missing in action for over a week now. I've been busy as can be working on my artwork to submit for school and it seems that things just get busier as the days go by. This is a synopsis of what's been going on with me...

Since I decided that I'd change my major to textile designs I thought it would be fitting to work on some patterns, this is one of the felt patterns I began.

I started construction of a needlepoint project from a self portrait that may be familiar to some of my long time readers...this is a sneak peek from weeks ago but it's almost complete now.

I experimented with oil paint for the first time but because I thought I could do things my way I didn't have linseed oil nor turpentine on hand so from now on I'll follow directions! I still like the outcome...the only thing I think I'll change is the brown in the picture (I don't fancy it too much).

I bought some fabric (100 % cotton), some dye (in primary colors), and I mixed them so that I could hand dye some fabrics at home then paint patterns on them later. It wasn't nearly as messy as I thought it be and I enjoyed doing it.

This is one of my favorite hand painted patterns I worked on, of course I've finished it now but since this is just a peek I posted the the incomplete picture.

I also have two other projects in the works and as soon as I get my camera fixed I'll take some better pictures of the completed projects above to share. (I have to use my blackberry camera so I apologize for the poor quality)

As always thanks for reading!

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