Monday, August 24, 2009

Today is Monday in Louisiana...W.O.W

You may click some of the images above to purchase products


Go B. said...

What was the Monday in Louisiana book

I'm guessing those were the shrimp and grits made by mama hue!

And the black shirt..broke is the new black...I'd rock that for sure!



IamLIE said...

Girl, all I know is that it was a children's book, I just flipped through a couple of pages.

Yeah that's her shrimp and grits and it was gooood, I was smiling LOL

You know I had to cop that shirt right??? I think it'll be super cute under my cardigan I just HAD to have!

Go B. said...

Oh you bought that shirt? So did I..LOL! I bought some earrings too but the reviews weren't all that good on them. People are saying they are *heavy-heavy* but If I got through those gold ones I can do these...I hope!