Friday, August 31, 2007

Steal Style

It's Friday folks and that means it's time for our next Steal Style! Looking for something to do with your three-day weekend, well here goes a project you could work on.

I really like this cozy, stylish bedroom. I love the bold patterns used, especially the geometric pattern used on the window treatments, but because it's such a subdued color palette this room manages to be relaxing with just a hint of retro.

So here's the game plan

Now Steal that Style!

Remember this Zak Table Lamp from our "Designer, Deal, and Steal" post a couple of days back, it was the clue to what the next "Steal Style" post would be. Buy it here at $199.00, the best price I've found online.

I would have loved to find those folding stools, like the ones in the photo but I didn't come across those exact stools. I thought either of these were comparable folding stools for $99.00 each or the wine barrel stave chairs set of 2 for $349.00. I believe the stools would be more comfortable than the chairs and the stools would make for a more appropriate setting.

3 Black Studio frames with white picture matting hung above the bed for art. Use whatever subject you'd like for your pictures, as long as the photo is black and white. Buy the 16x20 frames here for $39.99 each.

Down to the tiniest detail if you want your room to emulate the designer room you'll need a coral or shell statue for your bedside table. This lacquered shell on a stand (center) can be purchased for $22.95.

Three neutral colored toss pillows and the "head" of the bed (tan, ivory, taupe, beige, etc.). Target is a great place to find pillows and linens like this pillow that's on sale for $7.50. You'll need basic white sheets and pillowcases which can be found for as low as 29.99, and don't forget the throw for over your stools or chairs.

So now that we have accessories out of the way it's down to the real business...finding fabrics like the one's in the designer room

First things first, the duvet. I doubt that you'll find a bed covering like the one shown so you'll have to sew one, when you choose your striped fabric it is EXTREMELY important that you choose one that has EVENLY PLACED STRIPES and that the stripes are AT LEAST 1" WIDE. The fabric I've chose has 1 1/2" wide alternating stripes of black and off-white fabric. I would try not to get a stripe fabric that used "true white",but lean more towards off white, cream, taupe, etc. As always remember to get a fabric that's suitable for the project you're doing, this fabric (left) is $7.99/yd and specifies that it's suitable for bedding.

Next comes the drapery fabric which is where the real decision making comes into play. I've shown two options, "Diamante" which is $14.99 yd or "Grid" which is $11.98/yd.

Now, when you look at the page of the stripe fabric I've chose the fabric store shows you the coordinating fabrics they choose for this particular pattern, but I wouldn't recommend any of them for this look. You need to choose a geometric pattern that looks very sophisticated, and if you choose the darker fabric make sure the stripes in your bedding are the same color as your drapery fabric.

So what's left for you to do...well make sure your walls are the right color, most neutral paint shades will do. You'll notice I didn't choose any furniture, I felt like having the exact bed and side table wasn't important, as long as the bed you have does not have a foot board and your furniture has a dark tone to it. You've got what it takes so don't be bored this holiday weekend...Steal that Style!

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