Sunday, March 18, 2007

Be Inspired

It’s ok to find one thing you really like and build upon that item. Back when I lived with my parents I found these colorful harlequin dining plates at Dillard's, I wasn't sure when I'd be able to use the plates (since I didn't have my own place) but I knew I loved them and I didn't want to leave the store without them. Once I did move out my roomie and I choose the decor for our place based on those plates.

I later found this plate, and even though it's a little different than the original I felt by placing it on a plate stand and using it as a part of our center piece it works well to compliment the colorful place settings.

The pattern was also carried through to the living area with this pillow (Burlington) and picture frame (Hobby Lobby), and to the downstairs bathroom with this vase (Tuesday Morning) and towels (sewn with fabric from Hancock)

Don't worry it's not all "matchy matchy"! Because the pattern is disbursed, just a touch here and there, i think it works. It also helps that even though the pattern stays the same all of the accessories are different colors.

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Christina said...

I love that picture, those are three gorgeous women!! I like the picture frame as well!