Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Handpainted Chairs

As many of you may know my roommate and I recently relocated to a 3 bedroom condo from a two bedroom townhouse, so that we could convert the extra bedroom to an office for Hue! I'm pleased to announce that we have almost finished the room, and I wanted to give a sneak preview of the space.

In the quest to find chairs to go into the room we wanted something eclectic and unique, therefore we began scouting all thrift stores for a traditional style chair that could be converted into the perfect accessory for the room. We found these great chairs pictured below, they may look a little funky now, but they get even funkier (good funky; lol)

The color palette for the office is black, white, and golden yellow. We'd already decided that we'd use a damask print as the pattern in the room. I hand painted each chair (with about 5 coats) of yellow paint, and recovered the seat cushions, it only took about two days, and that's including letting the paint dry, while I worked on other projects.

So check out the results...what do you think of the new twist on these traditional chairs?

I'll post even more pictures later this week, as I said this is just a sneak peek stay tuned for the entire room reveal.

How about one more teaser...

I'll show you where this project previewed above, found a home in the space.

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KeShaJo said...

LOVE IT GIRL! Love the stencil of the table too!