Sunday, January 27, 2008

Opposites Attract!

According to color theory, colors which are directly opposite from each other on the color wheel come together to form a harmonious color combination known as a complementary scheme. I've found photos of some spaces that execute that concept beautifully, but first check out an example of the color wheel to see if there's a combination you like.

This first bedroom has shades and tints of red, pink, orange, and green. It reminds me of a delicious sorbet, and the look that's pulled off is quite yummy! The space also features a headboard that's reminiscent of a technique called trompe l'oeil (French for "trick the eye") in which an item is painted to look sort of three dimensional. This headboard is not quite as elaborate as most trompe l'oeil examples but pretty none the less.

Here are two more examples of the red/green complementary scheme...

Next lets explore the combination of violet and yellow, I must admit it's not my favorite but I think the designers who put together the rooms below did an excellent job. The first bedroom features rich eggplant purple walls with hint's of yellow for a tropical feeling. The wood used in this room also has strong yellow undertones adding to the complimentary color scheme.

The second bedroom featuring violet and yellow combine the colors in a more subdued manner, using lavender and a pale yellow almost taupe color.

Finally we have the blue-green/red-orange combination which I think is very fab! The first room is so nice I had to show you twice (two different views of the same room).

This last room was featured in Domino's magazine and was submitted by one of their readers...I love it!

Images courtesy of Domino, Sunset, and House Beautiful.

We'll continue our journey through color theories with more posts throughout the week, until then...happy decorating!


Pippa said...

I was thinking that having reds and greens in a room together would make it look too 'christmasy', but you've proven me wrong. Thanks! :)

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