Sunday, July 20, 2008

Way Cool Couch

This couch is really cool, the fabric is made to look like pixels, and it's full of color so you know I love it! It was designed by Christian Zuzunaga and you may have seen it on another site already but another look won't hurt.

Speaking of pixels, I pulled up behind this truck and thought it would make a great pop art photo.

I bought a frame that included a matte and held three photos so I decided to manipulate the picture in order to use it for all three frames; it didn't work out (the frame came with the photos that couldn't be removed) but I love the pictures and can't wait to actually use them. Check it out below.

Pixelated (above)

Inverted color (above)


A Go Bytch said...

Well.. I actually like the sofa. It's very interesting. Now that bag of trash on the truck... I have one question. If your hands were at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel how did you take that picture ?

Ms. Hue said...

I just so happened to be at a complete stop, lol, thank you very much!

Sandy said...

i like the inverted picture. I'd hang that up

Anonymous said...

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