Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look how Dog-On Modern...and Cute!

As always I like to incorporate design into all the elements of my life; and I've recently added a big change...actually 2!


Kori Kayli

and Kodi Mariah

Roomie and I have puppies and we absolutely love them! I like to call them ebony and ivory or yin and yang (look at this picture below, I promise I didn't lay them like this, I walked in the room and this is how they'd fell asleep. In the same bed laying like the perfect yin and yang symbols).

Okay, okay, okay...enough of the puppies on to the design! These are some great furniture finds and accessories for the K-9 companions in your life.

Some of these accessories and furniture can get really expensive but if you see something you like check out these sites to buy any of the items above. Modern Tails, Jonathan Adler, and Red Envelope.


A Go Bytch said...

CUTE! I know you have more pictures of them!

Go B.

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