Thursday, September 4, 2008

Isn't this ironic!

One of my bff's not too long ago moved to a new place and bought new furniture so of course she had to have some original art work for her dining room wall. We decided to get together and have some dinner and do some WE painted (it was very much so a joint effort, by the end of the night I didn't have a brush in my hand) the picture sort of evolved into somewhat of a mixture of a tornado or hurricane with the "eye of the storm" at the top of the portrait. We jokingly called it a hurricanes and even contemplated naming it such. How ironic is it that not even two weeks later Hurricane Gustav hit and devastated Louisiana, 95% of the city is without power and things are a mess. However, this was the end result and I love it...what do you think?

I also recreated a circle painting that I'd done for our recently decorated patio (which Gustav destroyed, but we're planning to rebuild) This is the painting below, scroll down for a photo of the patio in it's original state and you can see a larger version of this painting.

I've been dealing with the business of life, and since we now have a natural disaster in my city (Baton Rouge), I really have even more to deal with but all is well...and I'm BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED! Thank everyone for always checking with Hue and showing so much support. LEAVE SOME COMMENTS...I want your opinion on things!

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A Go Bytch said...

Okay so when are you going to help me come put the picture up lady. Probably when I get electricity huh?

Go B.