Sunday, March 16, 2008

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Words can't even express how great a time I had in New Orleans! I'm a simple girl (at least I like to think) so there are certain things that really excite me that others might think of as boring or corny...but whatever, because I enjoy doing me. I found the trip to be rich with history and there was culture around every corner. Just bear with me if it this doesn't sound like a blast to

In my two days in New Orleans I visited the art galleries and antique shops in the French Quarter and on Julia St in the Warehouse District. I had some awesome cajun cuisine from several restaurants including one across from the historic Jackson Square, rode a ferry down the muddy Mississippi River, ate beignets at none other than Cafe Du Monde, took a horse a carriage ride through the French Quarter, chilled out at some sidewalk cafes and bars, listened to Tom Sacton and his jazz band in the courtyard of The Historic New Orleans Collection , toured Ogden's Museum of Southern art, the Contemporary Arts Center, and St. Louis Cathedral. I'm tired just thinking about it! There was way too much to include it all here so I'll do highlights here and there in the future to discuss in detail all of the art and architecture I encountered. Check out the flicks of some of the sights I saw as we walked and rode along.

I love color (how many times can I say that), so I couldn't pass by these porcelain pears and not take a picture. Cherry blossoms are also a favorite of mine, and that wall sculpture is quite beautiful so I snapped a picture as we walked along Julia St.

Henrique Oliveira was commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Center to construct a cloud made of discarded bedding material found in the streets of New Orleans...pictured above is the result that now hangs in the entrance of the museum.
Shown above are just more random pictures that I wanted to share. I'm sure many of you are familiar with or have seen some of the "Blue Dog" paintings by George Rodrigue, he has four studios throughout the United States, one of which is in New Orleans.

Although the photo is not detailed, and rather dark I had to get a picture of the ceiling of the St.Louis Cathedral.
I truly enjoyed the jazz in the courtyard (don't tell anybody I was dancing in my chair), and it wasn't because of the free Stiletto Vodka martini's...the band was really great!

I've lived in Baton Rouge (about 45 minutes away from New Orleans) all my life, and I've been to New Orleans way too many times to even attempt to count, but I'd never seen the city like this. I've said before to be a tourist in your own city...I have a whole new appreciation for that place, so wherever you're at get out and see what there is to see!

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