Tuesday, March 4, 2008

As Seen on T.V..."You"

"You, you you, you you"...mayne I love this song, but I digress.

Raheem Devaughn is back...for the first time. I say that because this single is actually off his debut album, where as the chair I posted a few weeks back was on the cover of his sophomore album. Although this vid came first, I hadn't seen it in awhile and when I caught it the other night I had to share.

Check these still shots from his single "You" that features the classic Le Corbusier chaise lounge designed in 1928.

Classic and contemporary...I LOVE IT! Now of course this chair doesn't come cheap, if you want an original, signed, and numbered chaise produced by Cassina it'll cost you $2,660.00 (pictured below, top). Now if you don't see spending that type of money in your near future you may have to settle for the version that's $699.00 (pictured below, bottom).

I must admit I prefer the more expensive version, but that's just me. What do you think?

As always you can view the entire video below, it's a good one, so do yourselves a favor and press play!

Raheem DeVaughn - You
Video sent by lachula

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