Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Objects of my Obsession...The Explanation

So over the past couple of years I've realized my personality can be quite addictive, I always have to have something to fixate upon and I like instant gratification (crazy right). I first noticed my obession when I finished 12 room concepts for my portfolio in a matter of 48 hours...I wasn't even sleepy I just wanted to work! Then there was the patio that roomie and I slaved in the 90 + degree weather to finish, next I went without a vehicle for months because I didn't just want "a car" I wanted a Toyota Solara (it's not a beamer but that's what I wanted at the time) was the object of my obsession. I decided one Saturday that I wanted a dog I obsessed over it for two days while I scoured the net looking for the perfect puppy and by that Tuesday Kori was a member of the family. One day while flat ironing my hair I realized that I would feel much more free if I got rid of that hair, I told my friends about it; they gave me their opinion and the next weekend I had a Mohawk. I now have my eye on design school and I've quit my job and I'm living home to get what I want...and oh yeah, Philly has become the newest object of my obsession!

These are a couple of the room concepts but you can see them all here, here, and here.

Before and after of the patio my roommate and I built, check the full post here.

The car I had to have...I thought it was sexy and sophisticated not to mention affordable (most importantly affordable at least for me LOL)

This is my Kori Kayli...and she has a major DIVATUDE

Here's the mohawk (really it's a faux hawk but whatever)

Then there's Old City Philadelphia...the newest object of my obsession; all I have to do is get there.


Anonymous said...

Cute post! But where is my picture..aren't bestfriends objects of obsession? Well now that I say that outloud...that would be kinda weird! LOL


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