Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who's hiding Miss Hue???

WOW...I've missed being able to blog! Although I'd pull disappearing acts from time to time it was always by choice but this time I was forced to disappear! I've been without my own personal computer for the past 3 months and because of that I hadn't been doing much of anything online. I still don't have my pc but I should be getting it back really soon...anyway there has been so many things that have transpired since I last blogged some things not so good but mostly I feel that happy times are ahead!

I'm sad to announce that famed artist Ernie Barnes (who I wrote my last blog about) has passed away he died at the age of 70 on Monday April 29, 2009. Mememorial donations may be sent to Hillsides Home for Children , 940 Avenue 64 Pasadena, CA 91105.

I'd also like to share some awesome news with all of my blog readers...I've finally given up my fulltime job in the accounting field and will be pursuing design with everything I have in me. If I have any readers out there from Philly I'd like to hear from a matter of fact I'd like everyone to send me information about they're city as I search for a new "artsy" place to call home! If you'd like to join me on my journey feel free to follow me on twitter... Hopefully by Monday I'll be up and running, able to blog everyday and share this exciting new adventure with you!

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