Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Head's up...Trend Alert

Okay, okay, so this trend isn't super new...but since I've decided to get in on it I thought it was far time that I did a post about it. I know the bff will appreciate this, since she (to my surprise) likes the headbands that are becoming increasingly popular! I love it when she likes weird stuff since she tends to tease me about being "different". Anyway I discovered this great Etsy shop that sells head pieces and other fancy gear to decorate your dome! Thanks Portobello for inspiring some happy shopping!

I've also developed a slight fascination with feathers...can't you tell!

I just couldn't help myself--

I had to let this lotus ring sneak it's way onto to this blog, don't you think it deserved honorable mention???

...and if I could get my hands on this ear candy (ahhhhhh)


Portobello said...

thanks for the mention and just want you to know i've tweet about you here

Go said...

Oh great these are cute. The ring...ahhh kinda weird...LOL but it's cute! Cute post BFF!