Friday, July 20, 2007


I'd been long searching for a piece of furniture or an accessory that featured words, don't ask why, because honestly I'm not quite sure why.

Maybe because words can be so powerful and I just thought there was someone else out there that had found a way to use the power of words coupled with the freedom of design to make something besides the never-ending T-shirt slogan. Now although this "verse rug" doesn't have legible writing, I think this makes it all the more unique. It could mean whatever you like!

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Chanel said...

Hey Hue Interiors, you've been tagged!

I was tagged by 2 fashion bloggers (Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle and Shopalicious) and I was asked to tag 7 bloggers to share info about themselves with their readers. Check out Hip Candy for details.

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