Thursday, February 7, 2008

Design Meets Entertainment...Raheem Devaughn

I often tell you how much I love music, I think it's one of the most beautiful and timeless art forms that has the ability to reach and connect the masses. Music crosses all color lines, age boundaries, language barriers and it speaks to my soul. We all have that 1...or 100 songs that takes us back to GREAT, GOOD, and even could have done without times! Raheem Devaughn has a wonderful album, well worth the $12.99 and I'd recommend any one who hasn't done so to check it out. I must admit I was on the fence about buying it at first, because although I loved his debut album I wasn't head over heels for the first single, until another single came highly recommended (shout out to KeshaJo at Hello Nobody). It's been playing in my ipod since Sunday...enough said.

If you're on the fence, like I was, take that leap, for the love of good music!

Now you know I can't do a post and not talk about design let's get on with it; I love to see classic design integrated into everything (you're talking about somebody who watches a movie to see what type of furniture was used on the set) so I was all too happy to see Devaughn sitting in this chair on the cover of his album. It's a Butaca chair by Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Now the original chair was designed in 1945 and was constructed of wood and wicker, since then the piece has been replicated and altered, yielding several versions. For example the chair featured on his cover has a leather cushion with whipstitching detail and scroll armrests have been added; the result, sexy and classy much like the tracks on his album.

Original Butaca Chair also known as la butuca

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Butaca, Leather Sling Chair