Thursday, May 24, 2007


I had seen this pop art iconic representation of this four letter word many places, and had never given it a second thought as to were it came from. I decided to do a little research and this "symbol" was created by artist Robert Indiana and was first seen in a series of poems in 1958 before it was turned into a sculptured piece of aluminum in 1966. Since then the image has been reproduced countless times for everything from stamps and cards, to rugs, art posters, and t-shirts.

Many major metropolitian cities have housed the sculpture and reproductions of the sculpture on there streets for residents and visitors alike to admire the giant artwork whose figurative image has far outgrown any physical form that could ever be placed on it.

I could go on for forever about this so I'll just stop now! Here is Musiq Soulchild's video for "Love", notice how in the beginning of the video the letter "O" is turned as it is in Indiana's original productions.

Musiq - Love
Video sent by melvin77550

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