Monday, May 7, 2007

Teach Me...Scrapbook Interior Ideas

I've mentioned before that I do this thing I like to call Scrapbook Interiors, well let me tell you a little bit more about it. I don't personally scrapbook but I've always admired those who do because I appreciate artistic expression. I also love the color combinations that are used in scrapbook paper as well as the awesome patterns! I like to use the paper to aid when designing on a are some pictures of how I've used it.

Here I used the paper in a 9 square grid pattern to create what looks more like one piece. Be sure to measure so that there is even space between each sheet, I used double sided mounting tape to adhere the sheets to the wall. For a different look try mounting the paper to canvas boards that are the same size as each sheet of paper to have a 3-d effect. (Paint around the edges of the canvas so that it looks finished)

In this bedroom I used the paper to create a "headboard", I mounted the paper to the wall using white thumb tacks (to coordinate with the white furniture in the room). You could take this idea a step further and frame the headboard using wood molding, or even strips of chrome for a contemporary look.

Finally, here I used the paper to create a picture display wall. I didn't want to place pictures on every square because in my opinion that would have made the space appear cluttered. I used colorful thumbtacks to mount the squares to the wall. I was pleased with the final look.

I have more design ideas using scrapbook paper so check back to see what else you could do!

Most of the time I do these types of post for the love of music (I'm inspired by it), this case is no different, but I'd like to add that I love the shelves in this video and I happen to think the entire setting and visual concept is HOT! Here is Musiq Soulchild's new single "Teach Me"

This video has been deleted by Ms.Hue...
Musiq Soulchild - Teach Me
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JustME said...

I love your new site. I'm so intrigued by interior design. I love what you did with the spaces, very modern and livable. I'm currently looking at interior designers to make my living/dining areas POP!! I wish you could do the job. I like your aesthetic.