Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where does inspiration come from? How about anywhere...especially when designing. If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll notice I often talk about using all your senses when designing your space. The space you inhabit should incorporate all the things you love even if that means organized chaos!

You should surround yourself in textures, scents, and sounds that appeal to you AND most of all, your space should appeal to you visually...which leads me to this post. I always stumble upon beautiful pictures while I'm browsing for things to post here and most of the time because the pictures don't deal directly with interior design I choose not to post them, but I've discovered those are the very pictures I should be posting because they are visually appealing to me. Therefore what I've done is taken three high fashion photographs captured by photographer Amber Gray and translated them into furniture and decor that is similar in design, style and color.

This first photo (above) reminded me of soft yet edgy design, the model's make up, clothing, and hair is hard yet she's surrounded by light, air, and circles. In this space (top right) round, modern furnishings were utilized and the monochromatic color scheme gave it a very contemporary pop. The space in the bottom right corner has soft, traditional furnishings which are further enhanced by the tones of mauve and lavender used in the room. Finally when I looked at the photo I was instantly reminded of the classic George Nelson "Marshmallow sofa" (bottom left) , Eero Aarnio's "Bubble Chair" (middle right) , and this simple round chair (top left). Rooms courtesy of Domino.

This next photo (above) rocks, I absolutely adore the model's turquoise face and shes covered in gold shimmering fabric...LOVES IT!!! It's contemporary elegance captured at it's height (but that's just my opinion). The first two rooms I choose that reminded of this photo were traditional and elegant, but they don't bore me the way traditional design sometimes does, I wouldn't change a thing about either space. And I h e a r t the abstract painting above the fireplace; it actually reminds me of the painting above my mantel (I'll have to post a picture of it). These drapes from Anthropologie definitely reminded me of this photo, not only are they a rich velvet fabric, but they're adorned with gold scroll detail. Finally my favorite space is the one that stretches across the bottom of the image, this is a room inside the Villa Maripose which is a hotel in San Miguel, Mexico. The bold, rich hues that cover the walls coupled with the unique furnishings of Mexico makes for a classic, colorful Mexican inspired space. Rooms courtesy of Domino and House Beautiful.

The final photo I choose (above) reminded me of romance and whimsy. The model is covered in feathers and cherry blossoms, on top some sort of lite stage or box. I was immediately drawn to the cherry blossoms so that's how I chose most of the items shown. There is this cherry blossom bedspread from Urban Outfitters on sale for $17.99, next this romantic blossoming chandelier priced at a mere $37,500.00 from Moss (yeah right...mere), and finally this cherry blossom pillow from crate and barrel which is $69.95. The spaces featured above are courtesy of brocade home and domino; I just love the cherry blossom wall covering, and of course when I think of romantic decor I immediately think of brocade home.
So the next time you have a decorating dilemma, look to your favorite photos for inspiration!

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