Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where there's Smoke there's Fire...Ring the Alarm

That's right...where there's SMOKE there's FIRE! Whether dealing with interior decor or fashion, and even automobiles the colors grey and red have complimented one another for a long time. Even though grey is a neutral and can be combined with other hues, you can't deny that red and grey still make a great pair. Here are some spaces to remind just how well they look together.

This Circuit Rug ($498.00) found at Chiasso combines several shades of grey with red for a contemporary feel.

The space (above left) features a dark grey sectional with red accents brought in through a pillow, the desk chair and a tapestry on the wall. An already furnished apartment in Paris, France (above top) features a Red-Orange sofa, grey walls, and two cement accent tables to combine the colors. The loft like space (above bottom) features glossy red cubes with heather grey side chairs for an eclectic mix once coupled with the brown sofa and slate flooring of the space.

courtesy of Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and Cb2

Because it's been soooo long since we featured music on Hue, I thought this was quite appropriate, Enjoy!

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