Friday, August 24, 2007

Steal Style

I talk a lot about inspiration and where it can come from when designing your space, but sometimes you see a room and you want THAT room; you don't want to be just want to STEAL STYLE! It's OKAY, if you see a room and you really like it, why not try to recreate the look, and if possible recreate it for less.

I've used some photos of rooms that I thought were beautiful and I've pulled together some decor to give you examples of how to steal style. If you see something you like there will be links to all the items so that you can buy the room I feature. Also if you see rooms you like or even an item that you like elsewhere, email me the image and I'll see if I can help you find it. So if you've got a decorating dilemma and you don't know what to do you could always...STEAL STYLE!

Remember this "Sunny" post from a couple of days ago?

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Here's the game plan...

Now steal that style!

To save money you could always use an existing bedside table or find a bargain and paint it in a bold yellow hue, as long as you don't compromise the style of the furniture it should work. If you want the real it is Jacqui 3-Drawer side table in Citrus Yellow- $660.00

This was my pick when it came to the fabric to be used on the headboard, bed skirt and drapes. Although were stealing style if you really want the project to come out correctly you will have to do some work so that there's a "custom look"White Floral Silk Chiffon- $8.00/yd

In order achieve the look of the headboard you'll need a piece of plywood (cut to the correct proportion for your frame and mattress size), you'll need batting and of course your fabric. Simply cover the plywood in batting (if you want extra cushion you could also use a foam pad underneath your batting), wrap your fabric over the wood and batting and staple it to the back of your board (Be sure to pull the fabric tightly so that you have a smooth look). Remember to attach your headboard to the wall to avoid any dangerous headboard mishaps LOL. Keep in mind these are brief instructions I'm sure you could find more detail on covering a headboard on the net.

I initially thought this fabric was too dark for the sofa but now I actually think it's perfect! I would enlist the help of a professional upholsterer, because although the structure of the sofa seems to be simple enough to slipcover, you're working with a stripe-patterned material and it's important that the stripes line up correctly. Also remember when choosing this fabric that it needs to be suitable for upholstery because all fabric isn't heavy enough for the job. Beach Umbrella "Key Lime" stripe fabric- $13.95/yd

Finding a lamp like the one in the photo wasn't easy but I really like the look of this lamp from Jonathan Adler, although it's rather pricey. If you find something comparable at a better price BUY IT! Don't worry about color, you could always spray paint it and change out the lamp shade. Whittier Lamp- $375.00

Be mindful of the shades of blue/green you use so that they all coordinate and when you buy your rug choose a size that's suitable for your space. Shaw shag rug in Sea Grass- starting at $219.00

This blanket is a great price, and the color works well.

And because we pay attention to detail, here's an alarm clock for your bedside. Bulova Alarm Clock- $39.00

Now all you need to do is choose a paint color that ,again, coordinates with all the shades of blue and green in the room; you'll need crisp white bedsheets, and don't forget the golden yellow flowers for your bedside table to complete your look. Use the picture as a guide to pull it all together and you've STOLE STYLE!

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