Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fashion Prints

Although interior design is my first and true love, I enjoy and appreciate all things beautiful and artistic. These prints were done by Eduard Erlikh, a fashion illustrator, that has been used by countless designers and magazines. They are gorgeous and full of life and color, so much so that I found it very difficult to narrow down which prints were my favorite, that's why I'm showing eight!

Roomie and I, before we decided to convert our extra bedroom into an office, were considering making it a huge closet; there are lots of clothes and shoes in a house with two women! I could just imagine fashion prints hung on the walls inspiring outfits and looks on a daily basis. I still think it's a great idea to use these in a dressing room setting and some of the prints shown can be purchased for $200.00, so if you've got it to spare...go for it! You could always use an idea similar to this one if you're doing this on a budget, because after all even your closet deserves to look great!

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