Friday, February 15, 2008

The soft side of Africa

When I think of pinks and corals I think about the soft side of things...I've said long before I'm not a pink kinda girl but I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the color. While were in the area of Kenya we may not want to bring the wild safari into our space but we can be just as inspired by the soft side of Africa.

Let's travel deeper south to central Kenya and Lake Nakuru where the greatest bird spectacle on earth occurs as millions of flamingos descend upon the lake's shores. Borrow from the scheme of the pink birds, the blue waters and the tan shores that are seen as you look upon this amazing sight...can you even imagine millions of flamingos, so many that you can't even recognize the surface of the shallow lake due the mass of pink!

The colors of the textiles shown also reminds me of the African Daisy(shown below in pink and orange), you'll have to travel even lower to South Africa to pick these beauties but they are some gorgeous flowers; don't you agree?

I'm loving the softer, and quite vibrant side of Africa!

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