Friday, February 15, 2008

Fantastic Voyage

I'm constantly saying "Design is all around you" and I firmly believe that, so as I was browsing through photos the other day I began to notice how much design borrows from the things that are present in the environment, nature, and culture. Depending on what country you live, and even what area you live, the things that make you feel comfortable and at home can vary greatly. This is also true in terms of what inspires you or what your preference is, you may take a trip somewhere and it makes you feel so good that you want to bring some of those elements into your home; that's what designing and decorating is all's all about what YOU LIKE!

So here begins our trip around the world, will you join me as we voyage across oceans, climb mountains, meet natives, ride through a a safari, explore different languages, visit wonders of the world and so much more!

First stop....AFRICA

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