Sunday, February 3, 2008

Perfect time for us to "Fade to Black"

I'm a huge music fan, so you'll often see me quote lyrics during my posts and post titles. Jay-Z happens to be one of my favorite artists but it wasn't until this picture was being painted that I found it appropriate to title the work. Initially the only goal I had in mind was to create something that would pull together the "crayon explosion" color palette that I call my living/dining area! I ended up with the picture shown below, and I LIKE IT. (I really really like it!) So as we officially end this week full of color I'd like to share with you what came to be my interpretation of "Fade to Black".

I apologize for the picture quality, light is a tricky thing and I'm far from a professional photographer, but I'll try to get another picture minus the blinding light spot!

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