Friday, February 15, 2008

Serengeti Safari

When on a safari through the Serengeti (A word that the natives of the area, Masai people, call Siringitu interpreted as "where the land moves forever") you are bound to see many of the two million plus large mammals that migrate the area over the coarse of one year.

Beautiful beings of nature that are translated into design. The black and white stripes of the zebra, the golden hue of the fearless "king of the jungle" lion, the spots of the leopard and giraffe; all make for an exotic setting may take you to a place far away.

The Serengeti is located in the north-western region of Tanzania and extends up through South Western Kenya. The migration that takes place on the stretch is known as one of the seven tourists wonders of the world. There are several safari excursions that can be booked along this path and if you ever have the opportunity to visit it seems highly recommended . Whether you visit or not you can still do the next best thing and bring the plains of the Serengeti to you, through decor and design!

Now we are no where near done, so stay with me...we have four more stops in Africa!

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