Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's been a long time coming...

but a change has came and I've finally got some pictures I feel are suitable to post! There are still a few changes I'd like to make, but I'm excited and I feel really productive when I come to work in this room (which was the whole point).

The picture shown above is of two frames that sit on my desk that really motivate me, they are hue's logo and a pop art picture that I made; it's FULL OF COLOR, which I feel is my biggest inspiration.
The picture above is my desk/table, I needed something large enough to have an accurate amount of workspace so we bought a cosco folding table and jazzed it up a bit! I love to recruit help so my little sister painted the surface of the table with the yellow paint used on the chairs. I'd seen these panels in a fabric store that appeared to have a print similar to damask but instead of buying them I went to the hardware store and bought three wood panels...

Painted them black...

Drew and etched out a stencil, then painted the stencil onto my boards.

I must say I was very pleased with the outcome of the boards. Next I needed plenty of storage for my sewing machine, project samples and hardware so I sewed this skirt for the table and added black satin ribbon to finish the edge and there's a TON of stuff under that table, which made it an even better buy!

Of course roomie couldn't be left out, so this is her work area shown above. We had to add more color so I dissected a picture of us that I'd changed to a black a white photo, added some pops of color and mounted it to the wall (below).

We found this great chrome hand statue that I think sums up the feel of the office...A OKAY!

Last but not least, I've said all along that the office had to function as a guest bedroom. I played with the idea of several things on the wall and ended up going with a pattern that accented the "vaulted" ceiling. We also decided instead of a traditional looking bed we would convert this day bed into a lounge sofa, it sits pretty low to the ground but it's nice and quite comfortable...we've even had a guest to sleep here already!

A couple of things that didn't make it into the photos were the window treatments (you can glimpse in the photo above) but they are three sheer panels, two of which are the black and white pattern and one yellow sheer between them. We also have a black shag rug to break up some of the blah berber carpet. All that's left now is to mount the tv to the wall, or find an eclectic television stand and maybe a couple of floor pillows.

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