Friday, April 13, 2007

Designer, Deal, and Steal

When I saw this light box at Portico Home online I thought it was really cool, it can be used as a lamp, ottoman, and/or accent table. When I saw the price I thought, "Nah, they don't look that good!" So of course that sparked my hunt for the next "Designer, Deal, and Steal".
Now if you're looking at the pictures and saying, "the Designer and Deal look a lot alike" ding,ding,ding--You are correct! They are the exact same lightboxes found on two different sites, and the deal is almost have the price of the original lightboxes I found. I'm not too crazy about the steal, especially considering how close they are in price to the deal (which are the boxes I really love) but in order to complete the post I had to show all options.

Designer $575.00

Deal $299.00

Steal $262.50

What do you think?

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JustME said...

How would you use these light boxes in a living room space?