Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is bound to leave you Puzzled!

Bert en Dennis designed these chairs that are fashioned after puzzle pieces. This design duo is made up of Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch and they create contemporary chairs and seating systems. These chairs have been out for awhile but I thought they were neat and wanted to post them on hue.

First spotted at MoCo Loco

These are also some other great puzzle furniture finds...

Smartistart designed these jigsaw tables (left) they are constructed of solid beech wood and are not pre-assembled so you have the pleasure of putting the "puzzle" together.

The tables are designed and made in the UK but you can click the image for pricing and information.

Check out these puzzle floors! They come in 13 finishes so you're sure to find something that suites you, and they are affordable...yaaay!

Not a fan of the puzzle floor? Well how about this puzzle rug from ona, I think it's hot!

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