Saturday, April 21, 2007

Photograph...Photos meet entertainment

It's always nice when you can incorporate very personal touches to your decor and this can easily be achieved through photos. Pictures also jog your memory and can take you back to the time and place of the picture setting. It's a great idea to change the photo so that it stands out more than a photo you'd simply place in an album. If you're familiar with any photoshop programs they're a great way to edit and change your pictures. I've featured personal photographs that I've taken while traveling, site-seeing, and spending time with my family; most of the pictures have been altered in some way to achieve a different effect. My favorite thing to do is add BOLD color to a photo so that it's more contemporary however the photos displayed here have more subdued tones because of the subject matters. Also remember to be careful when choosing your frame and matting (if you desire to use matting), so that it's appropriate for your picture's subject.

Take photos...Make memories...Create art

Check out Nickelback's live performance of "Photograph" below

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Photograph - Live
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