Monday, April 9, 2007

Paint the town...or better yet a wall

I've been talking alot lately about spring updates, and one of the biggest ways to update or change a room is with PAINT! It's also a very inexpensive way to make a big change, especially if you're a do-it-yourselfer (Is that even a word...ha ha).

I've included a link below to Sherwin-Williams in which they talk about the color trends for 2007. As I've stated before I believe in changing the appearance of a room on somewhat of a seasonal basis. Now, I'm not saying you should repaint the walls in your home 4 times a year but I love to see a neutral room that has one accent wall painted in a bold color.

The trends are broken down by 5 categories, and all of them have at least 2 colors that I love. They also have a tool built into the website by which you can see a "demo" room and paint whichever walls you'd like in one of hundreds of colors that Sherwin-Williams offers (It takes away some of guess work)...Check it Out.

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